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Farmers are busy people. Trying to keep a paper trail of daily operations is tough, how do you collect the information and keep everyone current?

Our FREE mobile app allows all of the farm staff to use their smartphones to input basic field operations and view recommendations. The Power Desktop Software will allow managers to print reports, view history, and calculate product requirements. 

A unique feature we offer is the ability to create jobs. Most apps just allow you to enter data as you apply it. This doesn't help when coordinating sprayers as they need a list of where to go, what to apply, and when it needs to be done. Our system is designed to create jobs and track what is completed and if changes were made.

Farmers also really like the way it syncs to the consultants. No need for emails, pdf reports, or paper anymore. Everything is on your smartphone. 

This system simplifies crop record keeping and logistics between all farm staff.

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