With a strong focus on field data entry, our mobile apps and software are designed for touch screen devices. Buttons are large enough for touch entry. Dropdown lists are populated with crops, varieties, pesticides, weeds, diseases, calendars, etc. so very little typing is required.

Multiple user synchronization is also a key component of our design.


Mobile devices and desktop software all synchronize data entry daily. This enables farm staff, managers, and crop scouts to all enter data on the same farm and the data becomes viewable by all.

Backup on our web servers is also important so data is not lost in the event of a computer hard drive failure or other potential data loss. If your computer dies, just get a new one and all of your data will be back on the new device once synchronization occurs.

The FREE mobile app allows as many users as necessary to input data on the farm. Only the Complete Software System has an annual fee.

Our Design

ADMS Map Integration

GK Technology Inc. has a great GIS system called ADMS (Ag Data Mapping System). Our company is an authorized reseller and our sister company, CropPro Consulting, is a user of this software.

ADMS has many unique features that we really like including drainage planning, flow accumulation and topography modelling, electrical conductivity map layer merging, field data collection, processing raw satellite imagery, building prescriptions for all types of controllers, and more.

With ADMS you can buy the most powerful modules of the software and do everything or else you can use viewers for free, or you can purchase a GPS unlock for a low price for field mapping work. It is flexible on price for your needs.

We have worked with this software since 2007 and thus have integrated it into our system so the file transfer and variable-rate components work seamlessly together.


... multiple users - this can be multiple farm staff, multiple consultant and field scout staff, and managers of the business. Everyones work is connected and updated.

​... multiple computers - mobile apps on smartphones, software on tablets, desktop computers, and laptops. Every device can be used and data is never "stuck" on a certain computer.

... for full data backup - data is stored on a secure server system so that if devices are lost or computers die, the data will always be there. Just get a new device and SYNC to get all your data again. Its always there.

... for populated pick lists -  crops, varieties, pesticides, fertilizers, weeds, insects, and diseases are all in the database and updated annually so you don't have to type. It's a Western Canada list.

... for software updates - for software updates. There is no CD to install or update to buy. Whenever new versions are available they are installed as you SYNC.

... the crop records on your farm - quit chasing paper and being disorganized. Get a system in place that works.

Data ownership license agreement

Our End User License Agreement states that all the data is owned by the farmer and CropRecords has the ability to query the data for the benefit of the users without any specific reference to where the data comes from.

The data cannot be sold or moved out of the database.

Our business model is not about generating advertising to pay the bills.


We don't charge everyone for every download either. 

Our APP is FREE and this is our marketing program. It is a very powerful smartphone interface with full synchronization between farm staff. This is how we get farmers and consultants to try our system. It also offers consultants the ability to have all their clients working with them for free. It is a great app and once everyone gets hooked we hope you come back for more... as follows below.

Our POWER DESKTOP SOFTWARE will be an annual fee for service. Farmers can use it to print many types of reports and manage other details such as soil tests, field operation logistics, fertility plans, etc. Consultants will have the ability to connect to all their farm clients and manage there staff scoutingas well. Integration with the ADMS mapping software and our file sync create a powerful variable-rate fertilizer and seed interface. This is where we create our fee for service value proposition. The pricing has yet to be determined but will be competitive with the industry.


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