For field scouting, crop management, logistics planning and multiple users syncing an entire farm's data!

Power desktop software

Create reports, manage seed/fertilizer/spray job logistics, create recommendations, import soil and tissue tests, manage your variable rate fertilizer and seed prescriptions, and file sync with ADMS!

Key Features

  • Field Operations management

    • seeding, fertilizing, spraying, harvest, field work

  • Field Operations data transfer

    • field scouting for weeds, insects, diseases, soil test data, tissue test data

  • History

    • of all the above field operations by year

  • Farm Management

    • fields, crops, crop and variety acreage totals

  • Farm notes

  • Consultants

    • manage multiple farms on the app

  • Works without internet connection

  • SYNC the data when you get internet or wifi connection

what FARMERS are saying

Chris Wittig
Chinook Adventures, Quill Lake SK

"Using the free CropRecords app with CropPro Consulting makes it so nice for me to check on my jobs like spraying or seeding at anytime. Application rates and timing for the application is at my fingertips 24/7. Crop histories and complete jobs are also available for you to go back on. It is my little farm helper. It's like my wife's memory only better. Lol and that's pretty good."

CropRecords is the host software for the award-winning, patented SWAT MAPS service. This farm management software syncs to the 

autonomous SWAT BOX soil electrical conductivity mapping unit and remotely uploads live data to the CropRecords server. Consultants can watch the live map on their phone as data uploads. SWAT MAPS are accessible on the free CropRecords app for all farm staff and consultants. 


what CONSULTANTS are saying

Crop Command Agronomy Ltd., Southey SK

CropRecords is the perfect compliment to my agronomy business.  80% of my growers have already commented how easy the phone app is to use.  The Desktop version is essential to my needs for reports and easy information entry.  I would recommend CropRecords to agronomists and growers as their record keeping tool. 

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